Dear Diary…


It’s ironic that of the whole Bible, today I chose to open up the Psalms and read the first one. Immediately it says that humans should not follow ungodly advice; certain counsel was given to me today that directly went against God’s word. Although I knew not to follow it, I still had the nagging voice in my head going what if? What if I pursued this, we could be friends first and then fall in love! Yeah that was wishful. Today when I was in the waiting room, leaving therapy, a therapist (who knew about my crush, I’m pretty sure everyone at L11 & Dixie Lodge knew including Josh) came over. I told her about the inappropriate picture and what happened afterward. She said she was PROUD of how I handled it, standing up for myself, declaring that I just wanted to be friends. I know I shouldn’t have needed the reassurance, but it definitely helped.

While I’m confessing stuff, my ex-boyfriend just got engaged to the girl he broke up with me for. I know I should be bummed out or disappointed but I’m really not. Jesse and I had a good run but it was time for us to break up, I wasn’t as invested in the relationship. I needed (& still need) to concentrate on myself and getting better. And he needed to find his soulmate! (They are so cute together).


I’ve still got so much to tell you about my stay at Dixie Lodge and the friendships I’ve gained! But that’ll be on a different day, this girl’s got an essay to finish for my Communication class!!



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