Nehemiah 5-7

Let me preface this by saying all opinions that follow are mine, I’m not affiliated with any church I’m just a Christian girl reading through her Bible.

I’m reading through the book Nehemiah in the Bible at the moment, I really felt called to tackle this because it just  kept coming up in my life. To help me understand this book I’ve been using the website: It’s been very helpful, you click on commentary and then scroll to the bottom of the page, and their is listed all 66 books of the Bible. The ones in the left of the gray line are Old Testament books and the ones on the right are New Testament books. Upon clicking on a book title, shows a list of chapters at the top. Each chapter is given a title, followed by the entire verse or group of verses, from the Bible. Then there is commentary and an explanation.

I feel like Nehemiah is a grossly underrated character in the Bible. So far in this book we see that our strongest weapon is prayer as long as you are faithful to and fearful of God.



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