The Best is Yet to Come

I’ve been on a life-changing journey. The number of stops was dictated by the severity of my damage but the last stop has been here at the top, Level 11. This has been where I’ve become a bona fide narcissist (if the rest of the trip hasn’t made me one already). Mirrors. They’re all over, either already in place or specifically set up to capture whatever I’m doing. Seeing my reflection helps me make the corrections I need.

To make my narcissistic tendencies even worse, there are cameras and phones; snapping pictures or taking videos. They either capture me at my best or are proof of where I’ve been. Wednesday it’ll be 10 years for me, it’s been a very long journey. I’ve met and worked with some of the most caring and just awesome individuals!

They’ve always had my back, no matter what. Whether they’ve been doctors, surgeons, nurses, therapists, family, friends, or acquaintances (because Lord knows I’ve talked with every single one of them) they’ve all made this better. I want to give a special thank you to my mom, dad and Makenzie (the best sister ever) for the last 10 years because I know I haven’t made things easy. And most importantly I’d like to thank God, without whom none of this would be possible. I would have died 10 years ago. Not only did He have me survive but He’s had me thrive in all my therapies and at school.

My life may not have gone where I wanted it to but it’s definitely been what I needed it to be!

Thank you everyone!!



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